About CraftHoarders

About a year ago I was joking around with some crafty folk on Twitter. We all agreed that if there was a show called "Craft Hoarders," we'd watch it- and maybe even be ON it!

There is something about crafters that makes us want to hold on to our supplies- and always crave more. So I decided to give this community a forum, a place to admit that their stashes are out of control without being judged. This is also a place to get ideas, commiserate, and get a good look at what other folks are craft hoarding!

I'm Jenny Barnett Rohrs, the owner/founder of CraftTestDummies.com. When I'm not reviewing products, I'm designing crafts for teams and companies, writing tutorials, mothering my 2 kids, consulting with major craft companies on social media strategies, and ....yes.... trying to stay on top of my craft hoard.

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