Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Craft Stash- Christmas

Like most, I separate my Christmas-y/ Wintery craft supplies from the rest of the everyday stuff. I've been using a big ol' Rubbermaid box to store it in, but of course it's chuck-full to overflowing. And there wasn't a bit of organization to any of it.
So last night, I sat on the floor and at least separated the supplies into categories: stamps, tools, papers. embellishments, kid's crafts, and blanks (like blank books, ornaments, etc.)

Stamps (Note the new ones in the packages- bought on clearance last year!)
Tools: punches, folders, stencils. (Again note the "new in package" from last year's clearance sales.)

PAPER! Almost all from ....yup, last year!

And I didn't even drag out the fabric. So. Here's my Christmas Craft Hoard. I'm going to commit to making 2 dozen gift tags with JUST WHAT I HAVE ALREADY. No new purchases!  I figure that's one way to bush my stash, right?

I bet you have Holiday Craft Stashes, too, right? Wanna post a pic? If you've got a blog or a photo-hosting account, like Flickr, you can post it here. If not, post it on the Craft Hoarders Facebook Page. We don't want you to feel left out! 

And then next week, we'll do a another linky and you can show me what you've made, K? Now link up, if you like! 

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  1. Nice! I hit Pat Catan's at the end of the season last year and got stamps and lots of ornaments for the kids to paint. I so getting more stuff at the end of this season.